• Career

    10 Hacks To Write A Winning Resume And Get Hired

    Applying to a new job can be both exciting and stressful, specially when it comes to writing and editing your resume. But no worries, I got you!

    I know there are many of young professionals out there trying to figure out what to do and how to do it, because I was one of them.. so this is for you! But hey, even if you’ve been in the workforce for a decade, I hope my tips can help you as well.

    Throughout the years I’ve learned to excel at resume writing and editing. In this post I will share with you what I consider the best hacks, so you can write a winning resume today.

  • Lifestyle

    5 Sunday habits for a successful week

    It is 2020, a new decade is here and we all want to do better, look better and reach success. Sure, but how do we do that? It all starts by adding new habits into our daily routine.

    In this post I share with you my personal top 5 Sunday night habits that have truly made my life better. I hope to bring you a new perspective and that you can start your Mondays feeling and being your best. Read on!

  • Immigration

    Immigrate to Canada: My Personal Experience

    Let me start by saying, I’ve been in your shoes. Immigration ain’t easy and it can certainly be stressful. Sometimes there are not many resources or information online to help you through the process, and many agents aren’t as professional or well informed to get the job done. So I’ve decided to share what I consider to be helpful tips, both from my personal experience and perspective as a lawyer myself. As of today, I will talk from a general stand point that can be apply to every case, and will detail each type of visa in future posts. Let’s start!

  • Blog

    Hello world!

    Hi there, welcome to ANGIEWAVES!

    I am so happy to be back. Writing and sharing content are one of my favorite things to do, and a blog is surely the best place for that. But wait, who is ANGIEWAVES?